Outcomes and outputs


  • Stimulation of strategic factors for the implementation of Institutional Innovation Policies at Higher Education Institutions through involving actors from different organizations and hierarchical levels in the project activities.
    • Benchmarking study conducted, successfully adapt experiences of EU partners to Ukrainian parnter instituions; detailed benchmarking of 9 HEIs conducted; results discussed and implemented in cooperation;
    • Innovations Transfer Network created – as a network of research performing universities, and in cooperation with enterprises and intermediaries. With the aim to develop a market palce for innovation (matching technology offers and demands, matching partners for projects; sharing resources, know-how, networks and contacts). IITN is fostering regular exchange among the various actors of the Ukrainian Innovation System
    • Increased participation in national and international R&D cooperation initiatives and projects. The partner universities participate in a largern number of projects with enterprises and show increased participation in FP7 and Erasmus Mundus projects. Go to Downloads.


  • Enhanced Human Skills and Managerial Capacities among academic, research and managerial staff in the 6 involved Higher Education Institutions, regarding technology transfer management, intellectual property rights, entrepreneurship and related issues.
    • successful implementation of training actions: study visit, strategic workshop, 3 tailored training workshops and 1 practical placement in EU HEIs. The newly appointed Innovation Office staff, as well as top-level managers and researchers of partner HEIs were retrained extensively in all issues related to management of technology transfer and research cooperation activities. Go to Training actions.

  • Sustainable Innovation Support Structures (Innovation Offices) at 6 Ukrainian Universities established and managed by trained staff, using modern equipment, and supported by innovative tools, websites and databases on technology offers and demands.
    • Infrastructural establishment and intsitutional and operational implementation and recognition of 6 Innovation Offices. The offices are up-running since 2010 and run by trained personnel, and networked through the International Innovations Transfer Network (IITN)
    • Successful implementation of pilot activities of the Innovation Offices, including technology watch and diagnosis, organization of round-tables, innovation prize competitions, information days, and much more. Go to the IITN