The role of Higher Education Institutions in providing excellence in research and teaching, and enhancing knowledge generation and transfer is a central subject of the Bologna and Lisbon Processes. Most European Universities have taken-up the challenge of creating the necessary conditions and structures for successfully promoting research, knowledge transfer, and university-enterprise links. EU experiences can be very useful for Ukrainian Universities, which have strong research potential and are called by policy makers to implement similar structural changes.

The strategic outputs of the UNI4INNO project include the implementation of structural and organizational reforms in Ukrainian Universities, enhancement of managerial and administrative capacities, and promotion of an innovation culture of University staff and students, relevant authorities and the private sector, through generation of immediate results and “success stories” with a visible impact and dissemination potential.

In the longer term the project aims at enhancing the universities capacities to:

  • identify valuable research results and manage them effectively for the benefit of society,
  • attract additional funds for education and research,
  • increase the financial autonomy of the partner universities through stimulating participation in international projects and cooperative research and technology transfer.

The UNI4INNO project is structured around three phases:

  1. Learning and reforming: mainly in the 1st project year.
  2. Capacity building and training: in the project 2nd year.
  3. Implementing, mobilising researchers/students and networking: in the 2nd and 3rd project years.

The UNI4INNO project consortium is comprised of 4 EU partners, with substantial expertise in innovation support services and structures, 6 Ukrainian Universities with strong research potential, the Kiev Chamber of Commerce, the Ukrainian State Institute for Innovation Technologies and Content of Education and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.