The UNI4INNO project aims to attain its objective and expected outcomes by carrying out the following main activities:


Analysis and learning:

These project activities are aimed at stimulating the development of an innovation culture in the institutions, and more specifically, the enhancement of know-how on the strategic, managerial and administrative levels for the implementation of innovation policies and structures through:

  • In-depth needs analysis and comparative study of existing relevant practices in Ukrainian and European higher education institutions.
  • Study visit of Ukrainian Partner Institutions decision-makers and government officials to the University of Alicante.
  • Strategic Workshop on ‘Building an Innovation Culture within Universities’ for decision-makers.

Innovation Offices:

Innovation Offices will be created at 6 Ukrainian Universities, embedded in the institutional structures and strategies, and equipped with modern hardware and software. The offices will take-up the tasks of:

  • Awareness creation and promotion of research and innovation among university staff and students.
  • Support researchers in implementation of research an innovation projects.
  • Enhance participation of the Universities in international projects and programmes.
  • Detection and valorisation of research results.
  • Creation of strategic relationships with industry.
  • Liaison with potential sponsors.

During their pilot operation, each Innovation Office will develop technology maps and databases, and organize sector-specific roundtables with industry (“Innovation Fora”), workshops and internal info-days for students and researchers, and an “Innovation Prize Competition”.


Capacity Building:

The capacity building measures will comprise 3 comprehensive training blocks and 1 practical on-the-job training in the EU partner universities. The aim of these trainings is to enhance the skills and managerial capacities of the Ukrainian universities’ staff and provide practical knowledge. The training modules will address the following issues:

  • Implementing measures to support innovation and knowledge transfer within universities.
  • Boosting research cooperation with enterprises and participation in international projects
  • Intangible assets management and intellectual property rights


The project aims at creating a national networking platform ‘Universities 4 Innovation’ as instrument for regular dialogue and exchange between Universities, enterprises and other actors of the Ukrainian Innovation system. Three activities will facilitate the realization of this outcome:

  • Development of a strategy and framework for the network.
  • The elaboration of a practical manual “Building Innovation Culture in Ukrainian Universities”, with the project results.
  • A networking conference “Universities 4 Innovation” to present the manual and project results to managers, researchers, academics and students from other Ukrainian universities, as well as governmental officials involved in higher education and research and other actors of the Ukrainian innovation system, including private enterprises.